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Guide to Kazakhstan

Sites of Faith, Sites of History

Acountry larger than Western Europe, Kazakhstan is one of the least known of the Asian states. This Guide to Kazakhstan. Sites of Faith, Sites of History presents the extremely rich, complex, and diversified cultural heritage of this young country in an original way, describing the majority of the religious, historical, archaeological, and architectural monuments that are spread along the Silk Road and all over the vast expanse of the steppe, across which nomadic hordes galloped for many centuries. Rock art drawings, intricate Islamic tile work, turquoise domes, minarets, mazars, and preserved relics from the time when Central Asia was a centre of empire and learning are here associated with the ancient barrows of steppe-rulers and the modern picturesque and symbolic buildings erected after Independence. Some of the
monuments are presented here for the first time ever in a Western language.
A cura di: Gian Luca Bonora in collaborazione con Karlygash Bizhigitova, Zhanar Jampeissova, Niccolò Pianciola, Paolo Sartori e Igor Savin
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