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Mondo piccolo

Photography by Paolo Simonazzi

“Mondo piccolo”, the title of Paolo Simonazzi’s photography cycle, refers to that singular human and social world created by Giovannino Guareschi immediately after the war with the epic saga of his two unforgettable characters, the parish priest Don Camillo and the communist mayor Peppone, set amid the landscape and atmosphere of that strip of land that unfolds along the Emilian banks of the Po in the adjoining provinces of Parma and Reggio Emilia. Simonazzi immerses himself in the “Mondo Piccolo”, taking along his own personal memories, dreams and visions, and awaits the appearance of an aspect of the real he has kept inside himself, attentive to the eternal that is hidden in the everyday and extracted from the passing of time. The “Mondo piccolo” still enchants with its solitude and silence - as in the memorable cover picture of a solitary cyclist emerging from the curtain of fog on a tree-lined road - its roads that stretch across the plain or suddenly turn towards a destination appearing between the trees, the river bank or the railway lines that decisively, unhesitatingly cleave the countryside before arriving at some miniscule, out-of-the-way station. Everything breathes silence: the countryside, the canals and the Po, the stands of poplar, the cemeteries under snow and the piazze sleeping at night, which would have appealed to De Chirico. Alongside the faces and bodies of the people who live here are fragments of the musical tradition and the material culture, abandoned places, things that have sunk into the flow of time, memories and glimmers of a life that perhaps continues or has possibly already submerged and died. Simonazzi’s journey also seems at different times a mirror of the authentic face of the Bassa and his very own Map of Tendre: the map of a land in which, as Guareschi wished, there is still room for the feelings of simple folk. In short, the “Mondo piccolo” could be irredeemably - in its substance, if not its appearance - a “lost world”.

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