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The Irish towards the USA

English edition

di Kevin Kenny

The first volume of the series sponsored by the Whop clothing label of Turin, Italy, dedicated to the phenomenon of great migrations (which inspire the company in their production ideas), deals with one of the most important, the relationships between Ireland and America.
The extent of the Irish immigration phenomenon, its Catholic and anti-Reformist features, the famine generations (due to potato blight), the insurrections and illnesses, the changes in life styles, trade unionism and the supremacy of the public administration, the ascent of Irish-Americans (from Woodrow Wilson to John F. Kennedy): this very American story has been reconstructed by Kevin Kenny, author of the book and Professor of History at Boston College. Within a century, starting in 1820, five million Irish emigrated to the United States, demonstrating the extraordinary dimensions of this emigration, which almost emptied an island. The impact on American society was very strong since, in the 1840s, the Irish accounted for 45% of immigrants to the United States and sent home enormous sums of money. Very few, compared to the Italians, would ever return to their homeland: they left from Liverpool for New York knowing they would not be able to make the journey again and that there was not much demand for the skills they had.
Nationalism and Catholicism defined the Irish and made them liable to suspicion, at least until the early twentieth century and the mass arrival of immigrants from central-southern Europe. In this period the Irish established themselves in America’s economic, political and cultural life. Then there would be the unprecedented boom of the Irish economy after 1996, but to understand the complexities of immigration to the United States there is no better starting point than that offered by the Irish in America.

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