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Turin 1980-2011

Its transformation and its images

di Antonio De Rossi, Giovanni Durbiano

From the conversion of the Lingotto factory in the early 1980s to the 'sleepless nights' that enlivened the Winter Olympic Games in 2006, and up to the celebrations for 2011.
A journey that embraces the Delle Alpi Stadium, the Roman Quadrilateral, the Olympic Arch, demolition of ill-famed houses in Via Artom, the 'three centralities' of the Town Plan, the transformation of Piazza San Carlo into a pedestrian precinct, the voids created by the shutdown of factories, and Turin's system of parks in a search for the terricorial images used by the city to represent itself. An interweaving of the political and physical dimensions to interpret the figures of a metropolis during a period of profound transformation.

The series "Contemporary Architecture in Turin" reconstructs the complez topography of places, buildings, architects, techniques and styles in Turin throughout the 20th century. A collection of small histories that helps identify future scenarios for a city that has unobturively embraced the 21st century.Giovanni Durbiano
Architetto e professore di Progettazione architettonica e urabana presso il Politecnico di Torino

A cura di: Giovanni Durbiano
Pagine: 120
Misure: 12,1 x 19,4 cm
Illustrazioni: 54 b/w, 45 drawings
Legatura: paperback
Traduzione: John Iliffe
Edizione: English
ISBN: 978-88-422-1463-2

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